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Factory Doors
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Factory Doors and PVC Strip Curtains

Flexible factory doors, which can be used as interior doors between two industrial areas, optimise logistics, provide insulation and reduce noise pollution and dust.

The fast opening and closing speeds and the small size of these factory doors make them ideal for areas with a high flow of people, carts, trolleys or vehicles.

The modular system of the flexible, folding or roll-up PVC strip curtains allows damaged sections to be replaced easily and quickly.

Factory doors installed in busy settings occasionally get bumped by vehicles, which can result in downtime during repair. But some of the roll-up doors are equipped with a self-repairing system capable of automatically resetting the door after an impact, saving time and money.

The PVC strip curtains are made of transparent PVC or polyester and come in a vast range of colours, which can be used to create corporate colours, or just enable them to be seen more easily.

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